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Competitive Market Returns for Tax Equity,

Debt, and Sponsor Equity Partners


NxGen Power’s ability to assemble the right team of energy industry, financial, legal, and operational partners allows us to create above-average returns relative to risk.


We constantly fine tune and innovate our financial model based on the latest government incentives, changes to the regulatory environment, and fluctuations in the capital markets.


As General Partners, we invest in all the renewable energy facilities we develop. We share our investors’ interest in making every one of our projects produce an internal rate of return that meets their investment objectives.


NxGen Power offers an array of benefits to energy investors:

  • Secured investments. Predictable cash flow from long-term Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and the collateralized value of each plant’s assets secure our investors’ returns. We develop our plants at host sites where the need for power is here not only today, but also far into the future.
  • Investment partners. NxGen Power looks worldwide to attract the strongest financial partners so that we ensure adequate capitalization for all our plants.
  • Proven technology and trusted partners. NxGen Power uses only proven technology from the highest quality manufacturers and installers in the industry. We work exclusively with the best design, installation, energy consulting, and equipment providers in the world to deliver renewable energy to our customers and strong returns for our investors
  • Short time to market. NxGen can put renewable energy facilities on-line in months, rather than the years it can take to develop conventional power production facilities. Shorter lead times reduce the execution and long-term operational risks inherent in conventional, centralized power plants.

We work with proven partners to mitigate financial risk and provide competitive market returns for qualified investors who wish to take advantage of the exceptional growth opportunities in the renewable energy marketplace.


To learn more about investing in a NxGen facility, contact us.