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Preferred, Secure Returns with an
Experienced Partner You Can Trust


Our pipeline of shovel-ready projects provides significant opportunity for tax equity investors, permanent and construction debt partners, and sponsor equity investors. Our approach to financing mitigates risk and provides superior returns for investors.


We secure investors’ returns through the predictable cash flow from long-term Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and the collateralized value of our plants. We develop facilities where there is not only proven need for power today, but also well into the future.


As equity partners, we stand alongside our investors in every project we develop, sharing the goal of maximizing return while minimizing financial and execution risk.

Tax equity investors - A preferred return and strong project foundation provide our tax equity investors with secured IRRs that meet their investment objectives. We structure our partnerships with proven financing techniques, including:

  1. Partnership flip
  2. Sale and lease back
  3. Lease pass-through
  4. Municipal bond funding

Permanent and construction debt partners - Our projects provide our debt partners with secured, reliable cash flow and a premium, long-term return.


Sponsor equity partners - NxGen offers significant long-term residual income (IRR) and optimized tax benefits. NxGen pools equity investments, reducing execution risk by allocating your investment across multiple projects.


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