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Do You Spend More than $500,000 per Year on Energy?


At Nxgen, we form partnerships with public and private institutions that need energy management and distributed generation. NxGen Power’s solutions provide our hosts the ability to achieve a more levelized cost of energy throughout the year. For those hosts who have growing power needs, we offer comprehensive energy management solutions that combine efficiency techniques with renewable energy production.


For partners who host a facility, NxGen Power provides an array of benefits:

  • No up-front capital investment. NxGen Power coordinates all of the financing for the design, construction, operation, and ongoing maintenance of the facility.
  • Positive environmental impact. We enable you to be a leader in driving the use of clean and renewable energy.
  • Additional income. Organizations can receive monthly income via long-term property lease arrangements with NxGen.
  • Converting underused assets. Our solutions can incorporate underused assets such as real estate, bio-waste, or natural resources accessible to the site at very cost-effective rates.
  • Future tangible assets. Host organizations have the opportunity to purchase power generation facilities at their option.
  • No operational burden. NxGen and its trusted partners provide ongoing operations and maintenance.
  • Simple, turn-key process. In addition to financing, NxGen Power takes care of all stages of a project.
  • Energy independence. Hosting a NxGen renewable energy facility helps you generate the power you need to run your plant, institution, school, or business.

To learn more about hosting a NxGen distributed generation power facility, contact us.